This story was originally aired by KWCH News on March 17, 2018

NCAA tournament and St. Patrick's Day combine for a big night downtown

By Angela Monroe

Combining St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA tournament is making downtown the place to be Saturday night. It's something business have been preparing for.

"This is what Wichita needs to get more, bigger attractions, i don't think. we've lived here for 30 years and we've never had an event like this," says Brian Miller.

"When you look at the ticket sales, the Air BNB, hotel units and all of the business the restaurants have done this week, we think the impact will exceed the initial 10 million dollar estimate," says Jason Van Sickle.

Companies like Walnut River Brewing Company have been preparing for a year.

"With it being St. Patrick's Day as well, we've been, our signature beer is our Irish red and we've been kind of stocking up over this entire year to prepare for the rush," says John David Payne.

Wichita wants to send a warm welcome including those watching over the event from above.

"The horses are great, you get to sit up, we get to mingle with the crowds, we can see all around with everybody," says officer James Hook.