This article was originally published by KAKE on June 30, 2017

Old Town Association launching new program


The city of Wichita expects thousands of visitors thanks to some big events in the next few years. In order to welcome them, city leaders are making big changes.

The city is sprucing up the district with more plants. It's added bike rentals and increased security. Old Town Association President, Jason Van Sickle, says businesses and people keep moving in.

"We want to do a great job not only welcoming people from Wichita to downtown, but welcoming people from other communities who visit Wichita." Old Town Association president, Jason Van Sickle said.

The neighborhood association is planning a more personal approach to help visitors get around the district. It's launching an ambassador program made up of volunteers to assist visitors.

"The new ambassador program will have people from the neighborhood meeting people and greeting them on the streets, asking them if they're in from out-of-town, if they need to find something," Van Sickle said. "And really helping them to get the full experience."

Wichitan Ashley Claxton thinks it will work.

"When I come down here I only go to like, certain places that I like know where it is. Because other places you're like 'ok, well where is it?'. So, I think that'd be cool."

Change doesn't stop there. The city is revamping the underpass near Union Station and Douglas, and making changes to sidewalks so the district is more pedestrian friendly.