The following are links to news coverage (133 articles and interviews), which document my work as a business leader (underlined links) and my nonprofit and community leadership work (dark blue links).
2024  (Wichita, Kansas)
Moved back to Wichita to begin work on my first Amenity Suites project (in my hometown), and launch Insource Ai with my kids as co-founders.

2023  (Denver, Colorado)
No press coverage.
Started building Ai technologies to apply to real estate and to general business applications.

2022  (Palo Alto, California)
No press coverage.
Worked on becoming an artificial intelligence expert.

2021  (Palo Alto, California)
No press coverage.
Moved to Silicon Valley to study artificial intelligence.

2020  (Denver, Colorado)
No press coverage.
Spent the year in self-isolation due to COVID, studying new technologies.

2019  (Denver, Colorado)
No press coverage.
Moved to Denver to start a new career focused on tech based initiatives.

2018  (Wichita, Kansas)

2018  (continued)

2017  (Wichita, Kansas)