This article was originally published by the Wichita Business Journal newspaper on November 5, 2018

Wichita real estate developer plans to take a stab at Denver market

By Bryan Horwath

Jason Van Sickle is branching out. In an attempt to take advantage of a robust real estate market in Denver, Van Sickle tells the WBJ he has rented a space in Colorado's capital city for his Multifamily Hospitality LLC operation.

Van Sickle says he doesn't have any deals in the works and has no employees in Denver as of now, but he likes the market's potential.

"It's a really hot market there right now," Van Sickle says. "I've been in Wichita and I've done business in Wichita my entire life, so this will be something new for me. I think there's an opportunity in Denver with that middle or lower-middle-type blue collar housing."

One of the developers behind the Flats 324 apartments in downtown Wichita, Van Sickle also developed the Chisholm Lake Apartments before selling that complex.