This article was originally published by the Wichita Business Journal newspaper on November 1, 2018

Downtown developer sees growth in co-working space sector

By Bryan Horwath

Apartments developer Jason Van Sickle isn't the first to offer a co-working space in Wichita, but he is one of the most recent.

Van Sickle, owner of the Flats 324 development downtown, also now has co-working spaces available for rent in Old Town. The office space, called 151 on the Plaza, is at 151 Rock Island.

"With this concept, you can start renting a space for as little as $100 per month," Van Sickle says. "These spaces are great for entrepreneurs and people who might be just starting out. As a person grows their business, they can get more space."

Wichita already has some co-working spaces, but Van Sickle says it's a market that's likely to grow.

"You go to other cities and you'll see dozens of these," Van Sickle says. "We have maybe a half-dozen well-established spaces here.

Right now, 151 on the Plaza offers several different options for joining the co-working community, including desk or high-top table options, a communal refrigerator, additional seating and even the option to get a professional mailing address (for $50 per month).

Van Sickle has had the space finished for a while, but had a short-term client using most of it. With the short-term client now gone, space is available. For more information, Van Sickle asks that folks email him at