This interview was originally aired by KFDI on March 14, 2018. Press play above to hear the interview.

NCAA Tournament to have big economic impact: As much as $10M expected to be generated

By Wil Day

The NCAA Tournament rounds being hosted in Wichita could have a big economic impact on the community.

KFDI News spoke with Jason Van Sickle, President of the Wichita Downtown Neighborhood Association, who says as much as $10 million could be generated by the tournament, which begins Thursday. Hotels in downtown and Old Town are full and because of that, Van Sickle says the economic impact won't be limited to just downtown and Old Town.

"You're going to see them spread out to hotels across the city, which means they're going to eat a restaurants across the city, and shop at different venues. Not just downtown, but also east and west Wichita." said Van Sickle.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, with Kansas and Penn State taking the court at 1 p.m.