This article was originally published by the Wichita Business Journal on August 16, 2016

County solidifies public-private partnership for Comcare


A nonprofit organization has been created to as part of the ongoing effort to create a public-private partnership for Sedgwick County’s mental health agency, Comcare.

Stakeholders on Tuesday announced the creation of Comcare Community Partners, which will serve as a fundraising arm to support Comcare services and utilize experts from the private sector to aid its operation.

The nonprofit entity also will help raise public awareness about Comcare’s services and promote volunteerism within the organization.

Wichita developer Jason Van Sickle spearheaded the effort along with Marilyn Cook, Comcare’s executive director.

A proposal for the creation of a nonprofit entity was made public in March, but the push for a Comcare public-private partnership started ramping up last year.

This is part of an ongoing Sedgwick County effort to explore options for how Comcare is run.

County leaders want to reduce Comcare’s dependence on local tax dollars with increased fundraising.

Van Sickle, a local apartment developer and president of the Old Town Association, will serve as the initial chairman of the board of directors for Comcare Community Partners.