The following are links to the 132 press pieces that have been published regarding Jason's nonprofit and community advocacy work (in blue) and his work as a housing expert and developer (in black).

Transition from Wichita to Denver - no articles

2018  (Wichita, Kansas)
10-01  Developer Jason Van Sickle sees affordable downtown apartments
09-10  Nonprofit founder Jason Van Sickle on suicide prevention (TV)
08-08  Downtown developer Jason Van Sickle discusses growing market
07-05  Van Sickle explains affordability of Wichita apartments
06-01  Developer & commmunity leader Jason Van Sickle on demographics
05-09  Jason Van Sickle supports police and firefighters (RADIO)
05-09  Community organizer Van Sickle helps lead public safety effort
05-09  Jason Van Sickle organizes police & firefighter group
05-08  Police & firefighter funding effort led by Jason Van Sickle (TV)
05-08  Jason Van Sickle calls for better funding of police & firefighters
05-08  Police and firefighters call for better funding for public safety
05-08  Jason Van Sickle helps police & firefighters find solution to funding
04-09  Neighborhood leader Jason Van Sickle announces downtown tours
03-30  Police need headquarters & Jason Van Sickle recommends library
03-29  Jason Van Sickle leads initiative to create downtown safety plan
03-29  Public radio highlights Jason Van Sickle's safety plan (RADIO)
03-28  Jason Van Sickle holds downtown meeting about public safety (TV)
03-28  Group led by Jason Van Sickle suggests downtown bureau (TV)
03-27  Jason Van Sickle starts downtown association (RADIO)
03-27  Downtown group led by Jason Van Sickle is growing (RADIO)
03-26  Jason Van Sickle leads new downtown neighborhood association
03-17  Interview with Jason Van Sickle about big events downtown (TV)
03-15  Jason Van Sickle estimates $10M impact from NCAA tournament
03-14  Interview with Jason Van Sickle about NCAA Tournament (RADIO)
03-04  Jason Van Sickle comments on new apartment amenities
03-02  NCAA tournament's $10M economic impact far reaching
02-27  Jason Van Sickle's Airbnb demand at his apartments (TV)
01-31  Downtown Neighborhood Association launched by Jason Van Sickle

2017  (Wichita, Kansas)
12-05  Jason Van Sickle comments on the strength of the rental market
11-10  Reaction from Jason Van Sickle on new downtown camera system
09-26  Jason Van Sickle announces new downtown holiday events (RADIO)
09-26  Old Town's Jason Van Sickle announces upcomming holiday events
09-21  Jason Van Sickle opens free Old Town gallery for local artists
09-19  Old Town President Jason Van Sickle and bar safety (TV)
06-30  Jason Van Sickle announces new Old Town improvement initiatives
06-29  Old Town President Jason Van Sickle hosts open house (TV)
04-16  Jason Van Sickle works with the city to get downtown cameras
03-22  COMCARE public-private partnership gaining momentum
03-16  Jason Van Sickle on NCAA and St. Paddy’s celebrations (TV)
03-16  Radio interview with Jason Van Sickle about Old Town (RADIO)
03-08  Jason Van Sickle's bold vision for nationwide apartments
03-03  Wichita prepares to host the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
02-16  Jason Van Sickle expands businesses to include design-build
02-14  City passes plan created by Jason Van Sickle and police

2016  (Wichita, Kansas)
10-11  $7M expansion planned for Van Sickle's downtown apartments
10-07  Jason Van Sickle comments on Cargill's new downtown headquarters
08-16  New nonprofit announced by Jason Van Sickle and COMCARE (TV)
08-16  County Commission approves partnership led by Jason Van Sickle
08-16  Comcare announces non-profit partnership (TV)
08-16  COMCARE forms nonprofit partnership led by Jason Van Sickle
08-16  Public radio reports on new COMCARE partnership (RADIO)
08-16  Police Chief, Sheriff, DA, other's join Van Sickle's Board
08-06  Jason Van Sickle and police announce traffic safety measures
07-15  Jason Van Sickle comments on latent demand growth downtown
06-17  Interview with Jason Van Sickle about rising rents (TV)
06-15  Jason Van Sickle's newest apartments open with 53% preleased

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